Making a Rustic Heart Centrepiece with Label Cut-Outs!

Making a Rustic Heart Centrepiece with Label Cut-Outs!

Make your floral arrangements stand-out with a rustic stencil design painted onto wooden hearts. It’s sure to complement any patio or dining room and is so simple to make! I will walk you through creating the wood hearts, so let’s grab some supplies!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. First, colour your hearts with the wooden stain marker. This will give it that rustic finish look. staining wood hearts
  2. Next, design your label with the message you want on your hearts. I used Maestro Label Designer and the Annabelle font to spell out “Love.” Print out your labels and carefully cut around the outline of your message. You’ll want to pick something that matches the rustic look, so a script font that’s easy to read and easy to cut is perfect! love hearts
  3. After the stain dries on the wooden hearts, it’s time to peel and stick your labels! Be very careful that the labels don’t adhere to themselves, it can be tricky to pull them apart and you wouldn’t want to have to cut them out again!
  4. You can glue your hearts to a skewer or stick and place them on your floral arrangements. That’s all there is to it! rustic floral arrangement with stained heart olb

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